Plod Nights are back!! 

Plod night have returned and you can book your place via the new App called: MyRunningClub (on Android / Apple devices or via the web) to manage our Plod Nights. 

Our usage of the App will continue to help use manage the Plod Nights, Covid tracking and running group sizes.  The App also has several other features which we may roll out over time.

The app will take the hassle out of organising Plod Night training sessions by helping:

  • Routine schedule of Plod’s with the same pace on a set day
  • Run Leaders assigned to sessions
  • Run leaders can enter their meeting location and details (For our Run somewhere different sessions)
  • PPP members sign up with one tap “I’m in”
  • PPP members can see who else is joining that session
  • Run Leaders can view ICE details of all who have signed up should the unexpected happen
  • Track and Trace capability

Next Steps for Plums:

Check out the full set of guidance notes/screenshots on how to register and use the app, these have been uploaded as an announcement onto our PPP Club Facebook page. Members should have received an email from already with additional instructions. All new members will get the club code from the membership secretary.

If you have any questions then please contact either your Run Leader or Steve Molland for assistance.