Meet the PPP Committee

Chair Person – Suzanne Price

My running started back in 1988 when I had the pleasure of running the London Marathon and have been running on and off ever since. The pivotal turning point for my running, was joining the Plums when we started the club in 2014, since then I have been involved in some great running challenges and the possibility of achieving anything you set your mind to became a crazy reality! I have completed several Ultra Marathons, including the 100k Race to the Stones (in one day), South Wales Costal Path Ultra, 24 hour endurance runs as part of a team with other Plums, the only UK woman to complete all 6 World Major Marathons (Tokyo, Boston, London, Berlin, Chicago and New York) in 51 weeks. I have currently run 26 marathons in total across the world and will finish with a grand total of 30 marathons over the next few years. I love being a Plum and an EA run leader and coach (LiRF CiRF) and it is so rewarding seeing how the club and our runners continue to grow from strength to strength #UTP’s

Vice Chair & Communications – Ian Pollitt

I joined the Pershore Plum Plodders in 2017 and I’m glad I did! I was a competitive runner when I was much younger but did very little for the next 20 years or so before coming back to regular running via parkrun around 2013. But my times were gradually slipping back year after year and I realised that I needed a running club to encourage me to train more regularly and, just as important, to run with others. My running has improved and so has my love of running and it is so much easier to run and enjoy running with the encouragement of a group of like-minded and supportive friends. Great club full of great people.

Secretary – Dawn Pound

I started running at the age of 45 in May 2016 and have never looked back. I was always the supporter watching my husband and daughter in races. I never thought I would be able to run but I wanted to get fit and the powerwalking/jogging turned into running. Since then I have run 10Ks and a half marathon and it’s only been possible with my fellow Plum friends by my side who I met at Worcester parkrun one Saturday and decided that was the club for me, it’s like one big family. Being Secretary I am now able to give something back to the club and I love it!

Treasurer – Fiona Wall

Whilst going through a bit of a low patch in my life in 2010 my sister Sally and a close friend dragged me out to do some running to see if it would help me.  Over the next few years we plodded together around Worcester until we heard of this new thing called parkrun that had started at the Countryside Centre.  So, on 4thMay 2013, a couple of weeks after Sally, I plucked up the courage and took part in my first parkrun, not realising at this point, how much this decision would change my life for the better! I’d never thought about joining a running club but, in the build-up to the Worcester 10km in September 2014, which was to be my first ever 10km, I decided now was probably the right time.  So, having seen them around at parkrun and thought they looked a fun group to be with, I decided to join the Plums.  I couldn’t imagine a more supportive group of people to spend my time with and have made many close friends through the Plums.  I have certainly taken part in races and events that I would have never imagined I would have a been capable of before I joined.  

Membership Secretary – Lynsey Hall

I started running by completing the couch to 5k run in Bromsgrove. I then visited Worcester Parkrun, which I’d never heard about before. Here I asked someone where and what I needed to do. Fortunately, for me, they were a lovely friendly plum member who introduced me to the club. I may not have come back if it wasn’t for them! Since then friendships have formed and medals have been claimed for various distances. It’s always great to read and hear what everyone in the club is doing from just getting started to running ultra distances.

Runner Development – Helen Carlisle

I joined the Pershore Plum Plodders in 2014 when there was just a handful of members. Since then I have seen the club grow in numbers and I love meeting everyone and seeing people develop as runners. Running is a big part of my life and over the last 5 years I’ve covered all distances from 5K up to ultra marathons. I’m not fast, I’m not competitive, I just love getting out there and clocking up some miles. Since doing my Run Leader training I’ve been involved in 3 Couch to 5K courses and that has been so rewarding, I love seeing what running can do for people.

Kit Officer – Sally Nash

I started running with a friend in 2010, it took us a while to build up confidence to join Parkrun, fearing we would be last! But we bite the bullet and did our first parkrun together on 20/4/2013. Two weeks after I convinced my sister Fiona to join us. It was here that I reconnected with my school friend who was a member of the Plums. Fiona had already joined the club and after some convincing I joined as well, I was reluctant as I thought I was too slow to be in a running group. I love being a Plum, everyone is so supportive and friendly. Apart from Worcester Woods Parkrun, my favourite run is Thunder Run because of the camaraderie amongst the plum runners and supporters.

Welfare inc Health & Safety – Bex Chatterton

Following the birth of my twins in 2011 I knew I needed to do something different if I were to keep up with my younger and fitter opponents on the netball court. So, after a break of two decades, I donned my dusty trainers. Soon after, I received an email asking if I would take a charity place for the Great North Run that September. I just about remembered how to run and spent eight months preparing for the ‘undulating’ 13.1 miles. A week after the race, I had quite a serious netball accident and needed ankle reconstruction surgery and two years of complete rest. With my netball trainers hung up I focused on getting back running after the long break. I entered various local 10ks and half marathons having realised just how important running had become to me. One Friday night, back in 2017, I suggested to my family we go along to parkrun. My daughters were quite keen, yet my husband – who had never run more than 1 mile in his life – was less than eager on the cold and wet Saturday morning! During those three very long miles several Plums went out of their way to encourage my family around the woods and over the line; we’re all now very proud owners of our 100 parkrun t-shirts as well as our purple Plum shirts. I am currently working towards my ultimate running goal of completing a marathon and my husband is training to beat my 5K pb! I’ve been a member of many sports clubs in the past, but the Pershore Plum Plodders is by far the most inclusive and welcoming.

Webmaster – Steve Molland

I’d not run really since cross country at school until I went to Park Run in May 2014. I’ve never been fast and my pb is 34:57. I’m also lucky to have been able to run the 1st Rome Park Run in 2018 and a number of other 5k’s in Chicago, Tokyo and New York. I’ve also done the Pendock Chicken Run and the 2018 Worcester 10k. I was part of a team that took on Thunder Run and complete two 10k laps. The longest and furthest runs were last year, at the Joust, where I did 5 laps each of 5.5miles. I surprised myself! If it wasn’t for the social side of the club I certainly would not be running. In January 2019, I organised the 1st Plum Ski trip to Les Arcs which was great fun and now becoming an annual event! #UTP