March Mile – Final Round Up

My Grandma, a very wise old lady, who would dish out her wisdom, to anyone who would listen once said to me

“If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got!!”

In running, this has been admirably demonstrated by the recent March Mile Challenge, taken up by 41 Pershore Plum Plodders, and not withstanding one or two of us that succumbed to COVID related recovery, and those who picked up an injury, EVERY single person who had a go improved their Mile time by the end or the four week training plan most of us were trying to follow. All this whilst continuing with our usual busy lives. Some knocked off a few seconds, but given the starting times, still showed an impressive improvement, but as you will see from the results below, all the times are very impressive for every single person, and I can not remember such an occurrence previously. It is truly satisfying to see, and makes everything that was put in place by Helen Carlisle, and Matthew Grant, all worthwhile, when the organisers efforts have been handsomely repaid in everyone’s response.

This was of course a personal challenge, only you could have done this, no chance for substitutions, and not able to have anyone else do the work for you, made all the better by the fact we were still in lockdown, and not easily able to train with others, and so a very isolated plan to implement, which takes additional Mental fortitude, and you should all be justifiably proud of your involvement and ultimate achievement.

As we learn that in England our beloved parkrun returns on 5th June 2021, I am going to put Helen Carlisle and James Grant on the spot, and request we have a 4 week plan put in place similar to the March Mile, but for a build up to 5km, culminating in the first parkrun back in the region on 5th June!! [Please!]”

If we do this again, in 2022, Steve Nicoll will no longer need to grab the world record, we can use the fastest time run by our very own PPP, and the men will be chasing a very impressive Plum World Best of 04:58 by Ross Cowley, the ladies will have to be hot on the tails of Bex Chatterton , who ran a very awesome 06:11, and both these times are before any potential age related bonus is added!!…as an aside, it is astonishing and very encouraging to see Ross has captured the crown on the Strava Segment – “BPJ – Magic Mile”, very well done, friendly rivalry never goes without a mention!!

The table of results is below, and wherever you are on the table, the positions are as always in a challenge just for fun, as stated above the main achievement is that it was a personal test of will against one of the most respected distances in the world of running, and how you bettered your time from start to end, by your own efforts. The table was kept in Alphabetical order, as stated we were not competing against each other, and I have shown, where appropriate, your age related time. The percentage is how far you would have travelled once the record holder crossed the finish line

Please give yourselves a pat on the back for a job well done. You truly have tested yourself against the best and ran a mile in their shoes, brilliant!

The current holder of the Male World Record for the mile is: Hicham EL GUERROUJ @ 3:43; and the equivalent for the women is Sifan HASSAN @ 4:12, very impressive eh!! However equally impressive was all PPP who had a go!!