England Athletics LiRF / CiRF

About the EA LiRF Qualification

If you’re just starting out as a run leader, the Leadership in Running Fitness
qualification is the course for you. You will learn essential health and safety for
leading a group run, how to structure running sessions appropriate to the level of your runners (including warm-ups, cool-downs and stretches), and how to plan suitable routes.

There is no exam or assessment, completion of the course qualifies,
insures and equips you to lead groups of adults in running activities taking place away from the club premises within the limits of the course content.

About the EA CiRF Qualification

Building upon the LiRF qualification, the CiRF is if you want to design and deliver your own training plan, then you will need to complete the
‘Coach in Running Fitness’ (CiRF) award that covers additional material, licenses and insures you, enabling you to take responsibility for other leaders.