Be Your Best – 2020

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The Club understands that for many of you, 2020 has been a disappointing year in terms of racing and we recognise the impact that this can have on your motivation to improve your running if you don’t feel as if you have something to aim for.

We would therefore like to help you out and we have decided to make September 2020 – Be Your Best – month. We hope you will get on board challenge yourself to be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be and get a great head start on your training plan ready for when races resume again.

How does it work?

  1. Be Your Best is designed to be motivating and fun, and aims to encourage members to improve their running by pushing themselves to a target. It is free to enter but only 2020 paid up members will be eligible.
  2. Run your best time at one or all of the following three distances during the month of September 2020: 5K, 10K and/or Half Marathon.
  3. Submit your PB and a target time for the distance you want to aim for (we recognise you may not have run the distance before so PB is not compulsory, but a target time is) to Steve Nicoll either by Messenger or email by the deadline of 30th August 2020.
  4. Train throughout July and August and then go for your time between 1st and 30th September.
  5. In September you can attempt the distance as many times as you like but your quickest time is the one that will be counted.
  6. After each attempt, submit evidence of your time to Steve Nicoll either by tagging him in Strava, or sending a screen grab, photo etc. of your watch or phone.
  7. The time Steve will take will be your total elapsed time not your moving time so please make sure this is visible to Steve. What this means is, if you pause your watch midway through your run, any pause time will be included as it would be in a normal race.
  8. Routes are your own, therefore you are responsible for risk assessing it beforehand and also ensuring it is the right distance.
  9. Points will be awarded on a sliding scale for how close you are to your target time. Extra bonus points will be given if you beat your target time as well as beating your PB time, hence we have asked you to submit both.
  10. In early October Steve will issue a table of results for each distance, as well as an overall table, and is just to be used to show progression and achievement and we hope will be a bit of fun.
  11. There will be £10 Active Foot Vouchers available for 5 participants drawn at random at the end of the challenge.
  12. A closed Facebook group has been set up for members to support each other with their training. Helen Carlisle, will also use this page to post virtual training sessions to help you along the way. It can be found here  

How will you record my times?

Each distance can be attempted as many times as you like during the month, and you can send these through to Steve Nicoll at any time, do not worry if you may have forgotten if this latest run is your quickest for that distance during the month, the system will cater for this. You do not need to wait until the end of the month to submit your time, in fact it is preferred if you send it through as you complete that run.

i.e. – Steve Nicoll; 10th September; 10K; 27:45 (He wishes!!)

Times can be sent by:

               1. Recording your run on Strava, and Steve will pick it up as it is shared with Followers. (Ensure you are allowing Steve Nicoll to follow you). Note I will only take from Strava times that are relative, and must be at least that distance eg 5.0 – 5.2K = 5K; and similar ranges for the longer distances, so please try to plan a route that is as close to the required as possible.

Of course only running and walking will count, not cycling, canoeing, kayaking, skiing, or downhill body surfing etc

It will help Steve greatly if you could put “BYB” in the title of the Strava event, but not essential

2. Send a FB Messenger to Steve Nicoll, with Date; Distance; and Time

3. Send an email similar to FB Messenger to

Runs or Walks on a treadmill can be counted       

Steve will then collate all the results, and over the course of September, will ensure that your best time is the one that goes forward into the master list, which will be posted here, and on the “Be your Best” Facebook page, at various periods during September, and of course at the end of the challenge, in the first week of October    

Please Note, this is a personal challenge, and we are not measuring you against anyone else, the table format of the results are just for fun, and the simple way to display everybody’s efforts

  Good luck  everyone!