Be Your Best

The Club understands that for many of you, 2020 has been a disappointing year in terms of racing and we recognise the impact that this can have on your motivation to improve your running if you don’t feel as if you have something to aim for.

We would therefore like to help you out and we have decided to make September 2020 – Be Your Best – month. We hope you will get on board challenge yourself to be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be and get a great head start on your training plan ready for when races resume again.

BE YOUR BEST Final Round Up

…well here we are at month end, didn’t it come round quick. No sooner do we take a moment to get a breath and taskmaster Helen Carlisle is already planning the next personal challenge, ie set yourself a 5Km target, four weeks of training see if you can make your target, or better your BYB 5km time!!…this last week has been a flurry of activity, with plodders having a final go, and in particular the Half Marathon distance was very popular, (at least on paper, if not necessarily on the actual run!)the tables will be at the end of this post, but as you know they are really just for fun, the only prize is your personal achievement, and we have to say, everyone who had a go, took to this challenge with enthusiasm that was beyond our expectations, you are all amazing, and many achieved their goals and targets, also if you did not quite get to your target, most were very close.

The tables are really notional, that is if the targets set will ultimately reflect the scores.

5Km – Originally 52 plums entered this distance, and 39 had a go, running a total of 124 attempts, with 24 beating target set, and many within touching distance of their chosen times. some people managed to beat targets and PB’s of years standing, and parkrun will be a different world when we finally get to test ourselves against the “Woods”, with many plums needing to find new running Nemesis, to “compete” against!

10Km – Again 45 entered, and 29 had a try; running 73 attempts with 14 beating their target set, a lot of these were during the mini plod sessions and to see all the help that was afforded to those determined to crack a long standing record was heart warming to see

HALF – 28 originally entered, and 19 had a go, some had a couple of goes, (you mad fools!!), and of the 19, 12 plums beat their notional target, ten beating PB’s and a couple were attempting the distance fore the very first time. Everyone knows the 1/2 is definitely a distance that needs prior planning, not really a run that you just wake up and decide, “Oh! I think I will do a Half Marathon today”. Eight of you ran on the last Saturday, and some even went without any alcohol the night before, so to be at their peak!!.

Joking aside, you are all awesome!!!!

Of the combined list, obviously those who attempted all the distances will score more, so this is definitely a bit of fun. Mike Bunn takes the plaudits, as he was running in a rich vein of form, but everyone on the list can rightly be proud of all their efforts

Some special shout outs:

Lloyd Heath – Respect!! Never ran a 1/2 before, and set himself a target of 3:00:00, ran with his posse in particular Ian Pollitt, and indeed Sue O’Shaughnessy posted a 5k BYB best time, and then joined Lloyd for the last 16k of his run as support. Lloyd smashed his target, to a time of 2:43:00, and never walked one step, well done Lloyd

Dawn Jane Pound, and Charlotte Oliver , have been running buddies for the whole month, and on the HALF, Dawn cajoled and encouraged Charlotte an impressive 2:12:43.Claire Elston beat her PB time by three minutes to a new time of 29:25

Ross Cowley, having already attacked his 1/2; and 5k times, took a final attempt at 10k, coming in at 37:17, usually I am passing around 6 km on a good day at this time!!!

Dee Dees, set a PB with the mini plods at 10k, of 55:48, but decided to give it a go on the last day on her own and popped up with a 53:08!!

Paul Barlow, one of our resident Six Million Dollar men, (they did rebuild him!!), and he beat all his targets set handsomely, all that rehab certainly worked!!There are many more stories, indeed everyone who took part will have a story to tell, I can not emphasise enough how amazing we think you all are.

That is the point really, if you did your best, then likely you have a story that you will be proud to share at a plod (socially-distanced) gathering, and generally, the plums are more than ready to listen to your own triumphs, whether they are 40 mins for a 5k, or you run like Mo and hit 15 mins. If you gave out the best you can right now, then you are the true winner. Injuries and life often gets in the way, and you need to be happy with your current situation.

Keep Running everyone, as always whatever that elusive distance you were thinking of chasing, the first step is always the hardest, especially if you are still sore from yesterday’s run!

Whatever you do, walking, running, or assisting others to achieve, be proud this is a great club